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Extreme Cleanout Solutions

We are Illinois' best hoarder property and large job junk removal service! We bring our own largest size custom made 50 cubic yard garbage trucks to clean out your property 7 days a week! We have the largest junk removal trucks in the State of Illinois!

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E-MAIL: extremecleanoutsolutions@yahoo.com

We service the entire city of Chicago and drive up to 300 miles in to rural Illinois to do cleanouts! We remove all junk and garbage as well as heavy loads of construction debris like plaster. Our truck has a 10 ton capacity!

Our crews are all specially trained professionals dedicated to this work! We are experts at packing dumpsters! Pack Rats, Hoarders, and large buildings full of junk is our specialty! We've been doing junk removal and working with hoarders for over 30 years! We never pass judgment or disrespect our customers! Our goal on every cleanout is to improve the living conditions as fast as possible! We also do junk sorting, organizing, and keepsake retrieval if the customer requires this. We can even load a rental truck or POD unit with the keepsake items at the same time we load our 50 yard truck with the unwanted junk. Phone# 847-620-9248


We've been in the garbage removal business for several decades! We are an owner operated local junk removal company not a corporate franchise. Speak directly with the owner instead of a corporate switchboard! We offer junk removal cleanout services from basements, attics, garages, apartments, office buildings, warehouses, and construction sites etc. For do it yourself customers we can rent you out our 50 cubic yard dumpsters! You can load the garbage yourself and save money! You can keep the dumpsters up to 7 days! Call for pricing 847-620-9248

We are Illinois' hoarder cleanout specialist. Our company name is Extreme Cleanout Solutions and we have been working with hoarders, pack rats, collectors, and people with large houses full of junk for over 30 years! We pioneered the hoarder "sort through cleanout" where we retrieve the customer's keepsake items at the same time we load all the unwanted junk! We do the large and difficult jobs which the small truck companies can't properly handle. We have raised the standard for junk removal in Illinois. We are the only junk removal service with 50 cubic yard dumpsters! They are 24 feet long and 7 feet 6 inches tall. In addition we provide a 4-8 man crew to load all your junk so we get most jobs done in 3 hours or less! Don't get stuck and out of luck because you tried to save a buck by hiring a small truck! The largest truck is the best value for your money just like when you buy laundry detergent. We have over 100 videos of our cleanout jobs on our You Tube Channel so you can see how well we pack the junk in. No other junk removal companies will show you videos of their work! Call today for free pricing information!


E-MAIL: extremecleanoutsolutions@yahoo.com

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